Moores Rowland Beijing CPA comprises a selected group of experienced foreign colleagues from Moores Rowland International and absorbed outstanding professionals from China, forming professional teams in audit, accounting and financing service and the bilingual ability in both English and Chinese which enable us to serve our clients worldwide and provide two-way services for foregin investment in China and Chinese enterprises to invest or seek financing overseas. 

In China, we are the only member firm of Moores Rowland Asia Pacific, who is collectively a member of Praxity in the Asia Pacific region. Praxity is an international alliance of independent firms, established under Belgian law as an international non-profit entity, headquartered in London, UK, with membership in more than 100 countries and a total of more than 40,000 partners and staff, providing audit, tax, financing and management consultancy services around the world and achieved $5.2 billion revenue in 2017.


Our history can be traced back to England when Edward Moore Accounting Firm was founded in 1866, followed by F Rowland & Co Accounting Firm in 1903. The two firms merged and formed Moores Rowland in 1985 and began its expansion to the whole world. 

In the move to grow its influence and expand its market in China, Moores Rowland International established in China its Secretariat and Moores Rowland Consulting Company in 2000. 

In 2003, Moores Rowland Accounting Firm in Beijing was established under the leadership of Mr. Yang Junchao with the planning and guidance from Mr. John Cox, President of Moores Rowland International and Mr. Mark Fong, Chairman of Asia-Pacific Region, professional guidance, technical training and human resource support from the Moores Rowland Accounting Firm in Hong Kong, and the approval obtained from the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China. 

In 2015, to promote closer cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, Moores Rowland Asia Pacific was established and its member firms collectively joined under PRAXITY. Moores Rowland Beijing is a member firm of Moores Rowland Asia Pacific.


Service Objective

We pay close attention to our clients' business situation and work closely with our clients in the approach to overcome challenges their businesses are facing. We seek to understand what they truly need and this enable us to explore every possible opportunity for their growth and development. To us, every client is special and respectable. Regardless of the size and the type of business, our experienced partners and senior staff are dedicated to offer each of our clients the personalized services that suit their business’ needs. In addition to meeting our professional service standard, we are always willing to take a step further in our advisory role which surpass clients’ expectation and creates greater value to their business.