Moores Rowland offers its clients with a wide range of services that are fully integrated to tax services. We associate vision with novelty from different disciplines with the business and the industry knowledge to help our clients develop and grow internationally. Moores Rowland in China is a member of the Praxity alliance with a presence in major economies of the world, so we understand the complexities of tax in today’s global economic climate. We can provide specialist advice on mergers, acquisitions, and transfer pricing or setting up a new financial operation overseas. We can help you: 

 ■ Determine the most tax efficient way to structure your business, 

 ■ Structure the funding of your overseas business, incorporating a country’s tax laws, 

 ■ Manage an effective tax rate and the timing of your transactions, 

 ■ Provide expatriate tax services. 

Tax Compliance And Reporting Services 

 ■ Filing a tax return correctly and on time - including corporation income tax, VAT and sur-taxes, individual income tax, stamp duties, etc. 

 ■ provide important information for the taxman and can also reveal areas where you can make savings, 

 ■ get in contact with tax authorities on your behalf. 

 ■ we can carry out for your wage administration and detailed tax filing, data collection and re-analysis. 

 ■ Tax registration, taxman verification, tax invoice application and verification, tax related documentation and filing. 

Tax Advisory Services 

Moores Rowland’s Tax Advisory Services can advise you on the increasing risk to your company due to the changing tax environment, by 

 ■ Managing your tax planning in an efficient manner, or

 ■ Implementing your organizational change in a tax efficient manner. 

We can also deliver tailor-made advice in the field of structured finance, strategy on tax litigation, real estate transactions and tax structuring on M&A assignments. 

Transfer Pricing Services 

The global business nature is relevant to continuous flow of products and services that surpass borders and business entities. Today the continuous pressure of regulatory bodies on corporates in scrutinizing and monitoring, corporates needs to organize and document analysis to defend their selves. Our experts assist corporates cross over the tax systems of different countries to avoid risk and costs. 

The issue is not just confined to large multinationals. Medium-sized and family businesses are also affected where their trading operations take them overseas. It is often in this area that there are easy pickings for tax inspectors descending on businesses that previously treated transfer pricing as a low priority. 

Moores Rowland assists its clients in applying and benefiting of transfer pricing in their tax planning through benefiting from the different departments of a company to make transactions with each other on labor or trade or any other part of the actual costs. Our services consist of (among others):

 ■ Defense strategies, 

 ■ Negotiations with Tax Authorities, 

 ■ Planning for minimization of global tax rate. 

International Tax 

Our focus areas offer unique international tax services that help increase cash flow and/or decrease effective tax rates. We ensure compliance with the most recent tax laws and shield against the many risks inherent in international businesses. We provide four distinct areas of service to our clients: 

 ■ Inbound and Outbound Planning 

 ■ Access to International Desks 

 ■ Risk Management and Compliance 

 ■ Global Tax Outsourcing 

You can come to our international tax teams for all kind of specialist tax advice. We can:

 ■ Help you through your cross-border merger or acquisition, 

 ■ Support your transfer pricing and international financing operations, 

 ■ Or help you set up your new operation overseas. 

Our clients include: